The EUnitas board of 2017 has come up with a vision for this year:

  • Be accessible and continue to provide benefits for EPH students for a low membership fee.
    • Having regular open office hours to ensure that members can drop by in case of any queries.
    • Organising focus groups after every module to discuss any issues and potential solutions for the following years.
  • To get more new members and to also increase the number of active members in our committees.
    • Be present at events like INKOM, open days and introduction day lectures to promote EUnitas for potential members.
    • Focus on getting more people involved with committees and/or the activities we organise.
  • Work towards making EUnitas more well known amidst other associations, the University and staff.
    • Working alongside the bachelor and module coordinators to help with organising events and serving as a link between the EPH students and them.
    • Collaborating with the other student associations during events and open days.