The Public Relations Committee deals with the publications and promotions of EUnitas. Whenever there is an event from either Activities Committee or the Education Committee, we are the ones promoting it via Facebook, flyers and our website. We are the ones that manage this website. The start of a new academic year means we are getting new committee members!  This also means promoting the study association and getting students to sign up and become active in our association.  The PR Committee is also in charge of getting sponsors. At the moment, La Colombe is one of our sponsors. It is a nice little restaurant on the market of Maastricht. Members get a discount of 20% on their meal on Thursdays upon proof of membership (showing your student card with EUnitas sticker). It’s worth checking it out! Our main sponsor however is Maastricht University, as we are located at the university and of course are here to help the students have a better student life both in and outside of university.

If you have any questions regarding promotions or EPH you can contact us on Facebook or via email:

You can check out La Colombe at