The Education Committee is concerned with the education programme of EPH. As a committee we organise activities for the students related to education, career prospectives and helping students and answering questions they may have concerning the study. We organise statistics tutorings and hope to introduce epidemiology as well and have plans for an Alumni event to help EPH students give an idea of what they can do once they finish their bachelors at EPH. The head of the EC is the one representing the EUnitas association in the Student Council, Exam Committee and is also the Student Antenna for BEPH students where they can easily express their concerns regarding the study.

Aside for statistics tutorings we also organize a mentor program at the beginning of the year. This is mainly for first year students to make their life a little easier coming into Maastricht and University for the first time. First year student have the ability to sign up to receive a mentor to which they can ask questions regarding the study, the university in general or Maastricht life.

The EC also organizes focus group meetings after each module to discuss any problems students encountered during the module. These complaints or improvement points will be noted down by a scribe and sent to the bachelor and module coordinator so they can improve for the upcoming years.


Any questions regarding the focus groups, statistic tutorings or mentor program?

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